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Brakeman Updates

Brakeman is a static analysis tool for Ruby on Rails that looks for security vulnerabilities. The cool thing about Brakeman is that pretty much all you need is your code: there is no need to set up a database or a web server or anything of that sort. The code doesn’t even need to be working completely.

Brakeman has been working pretty well for Rails 2.x code, but no one really cares about that any more. Rails 3.x is the new hotness. So I have been working on getting Brakeman to work with Rails 3. The latest gems will attempt to detect Rails 3 automatically (otherwise, there is the `-3` options). There are some known issues to be fixed, but I think it’s past the “catastrophic crash and burn” stage. I would encourage people to try it out.

Also, I have released a Jenkins/Hudson plugin for Brakeman With a minimal amount of setup, you can have Jenkins run Brakeman automatically. It uses another nice plugin to make pretty graphs and tracks the vulnerabilities found so you can see right away when things go wrong.

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